Buildup your style by using Phone Styler app. Yes this app gives you 4 features as following.....

    1. AIR CALL ANSWER :- Just Bring your Phone near to your Ear or wave/swipe your hand above Proximity Sensor and start talking.
    2. FLASH ALERT on CALL:- Blink Flash Light on Incoming Call give stylish look.
    3. SHAKE CALL ANSWER :- Now you may attend the Incoming Call by just Shaking your phone. Adjust Shake Strenght according your device sensor. This feature will give you a stylish look.
    4. SMS ALERT :- Flash Alert on SMS received and give your Phone a stylish look.

    So what are you waiting for, download now for free till it gets PAID.
    No need to install 4 apps, for 4 different features. Just install this app and enjoy 4 features for free in one app.
    Very Small in Size.

    NOTE :-
    Air call Answer require PROXIMITY SENSOR to receive call.
    Shake call Answer requires ACCELEROMETER Sensor to receive call.
    Flash Alert requires FLASH LIGHT of Camera.
    As this is Genuine app but we have not tested this app in all android devices, If any one or all features does not work in your android device, so please don't give one star or bad reviews.

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    Sorry guys for the ads.

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