Photo Frames: Hoarding


Photo Frames: Hoarding's review


Photo Frames: Hoarding is an Android app that lets you make amateurish photo montages

  • Lots of options to add to your photos
  • Make your own fake photo montages
  • Ads are too intrusive
  • Poor controls and navigation
  • Designs are poor

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"Come and see poorly-made, corny photos"


If you're looking for an app to add frames to your photos and create photo assemblies that make your son or daughter look like the star of a highway billboard, look no further. Too bad that it's full of commercials, and that the whole thing is a real museum of horrors.


The truth is that it comes with a lot of frames, scenery, and landscapes to include in the photos to make them look like real large-size commercials. The results are fine, but it has to be said that those very same background don't look very believable. In the editing page you can save your creation or share if via the usual mediums.


The app has an extremely rudimentary design. Navigation through the app and the controls are cumbersome; you always have to return to the home screen to recover the photo you want to work on. Although there are 'back' buttons, they aren't very visible and don't work well. The cherry on top of all this absurdity is that there are loads of intrusive ads that make the whole experience of this app very unpleasant.

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by Cecília

Jul 31, 2015

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