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☺Picture Editor Collage Maker☺ is finally here for all the lovers of photo editing! If you love having fun decorating your photos by adding colors, stickers and different photo frames then this is the application for you! ☺Picture Editor Collage Maker☺ will have you inspired every day. Download this free “photo editing” software for your AndroidTM mobile phone and start making beautiful collage images. Soon you will see that this is the best “collage maker app” on the market. You will absolutely LOVE it!

• Easy to use interface
• Select photo from your phone gallery
• Drag and drop photos and easily move around within collages
• Zoom, rotate, scale and crop images to fit the collage layout
• Choose your favorite photo frame and background templates
• Save high resolution picture collage to your phone gallery
• Share your photos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Check out this new “photo editor” application for free and have tons of fun! Use images from your phone gallery or pick some random ones, add all kinds of fun stuff and there you go-you will get beautifully decorated photos of your loved ones. Make all kinds of cool wallpapers for your phone display and have your friends and family with you wherever you go. You will love working on your new Samsung phone with such fun backgrounds.

So, how does it work? Well, it is easy! Take one or more pictures from your phone photo gallery, add some red hearts, pink diamonds, lovely flowers, stars or just different colors. If you don’t want to stop there, use some of our wide range of photo effects-sepia, black and white, pop art, silver, ivory, seashell, quartz, jade, aquamarine, amber or opal photo effect and you will have a perfect “photo collage” on your phone. Download ☺Picture Editor Collage Maker☺ and let the photo funia start right now!

But that is not all there is to this cool “photo collage app”. If you still need some more options, we also have wide range of photo frames and templates to add to your pictures. Organize your photos by stretching or moving them in different positions in order to fit the chosen template. Choose square or circle template or maybe a heart template. It is all up to you! There are options to meet everyone’s taste and expectations. Try it and soon you’ll see what a great application ☺Picture Editor Collage Maker☺ really is.

If you’re a fan of selfies, then look no more! This “free photo editing” app will make your selfies even more beautiful. Make your own art and share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You’ll be amazed by the number of likes you’ll get. Just try it and see for yourself. Your selfies will be more popular than ever!

So, what are you waiting for? Get this brand new “collage maker” and start making your own pics art. Any picture can get a totally new look with ☺Picture Editor Collage Maker☺. Waste no more time and download it now for free. Create loving memories of your loved ones by making beautiful backgrounds for your Samsung phone display.

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