Pitch Buddy



    Welcome to Pitch Buddy, a simple ear-training utility.

    Pitch Buddy targets simplicity, ease-of-use, and noticeable progress in the developing musical ear. Using color-to-note pairings, simple quizzing functionality, and option scales/keys; you can learn both introductory aural skills as well as common musical scales, intervals, and chords. This app was a product of necessity--and I am glad to say that I, the previously tone-def developer, has seen results after a short time using the finished application. Thanks for your time!

    Feature List:
    Two octaves of notes arranged and styled like piano keys.
    Color-note pairings to help you identify each tone
    Simple, responsive quiz functionality.
    Toggle-able scales which restrict the keyboard to the selected scale (Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor)
    Toggle-able interval display, which displays the chord intervals of the selected scale
    Toggle-able chords, which plays the chord most associated with the pressed note in the selected scale.

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