Pockey Money



Having trouble saving money or to pay off your debts? ...

Download Pocket Money is an application that will help you manage your accounts, save your money and pay off your debts so that you never be late on your payments and you achieve your savings goal. Pocket Money can further add to your account notifications so you never forget to make your payments and finally you can see your income, debts and savings through graphs that will help you balance your pocket.

Pocket Money additionally comes with a nice widget that you can install on your Smartphone screen, with which you view your income, savings and debts in general, in addition to pay from the Widget.


* INCOME: Add your different money income from which to pay your bills.

* SAVINGS: Add different savings accounts to save your money and reach your goals more easily.

* DEBTS: Add different debt accounts to keep track of your expenses and to pay your bills on time.

* INSTALMENTS: Make pays from your income to your different accounts to manage your money.

* STATS: Displays when your income, savings and debts generally or by category to better understand your spending and savings.

* SECURITY: You can block Pocket Money by a password so that only you can manage your money.

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