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Air-Condition and Light Power Control Panel with Android Smart Phone & Tablet

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The SJC1211 panel board has a networkable controller that allows for remote set-up, control and monitoring of the circuit breaker panel. This makes it easy to create lighting / air-conditioned zones, establish on/off schedules. Once the SJC1211 panel board is power on and network is ready, the on-board relays module can be controlled via any mobile devices or web browser. Two convenient cable network , and wireless WIFI network can be used. So anyone on the network with access to a browser can set up, control, and monitor their customized design power control panel
Please note that in order to perform load power Monitor and Control, you must first purchase an SJC 1211 panel board .

(1) Mobil phone-based hardwired power control system
(2) WiFi-enabled device that utilizes the web standard IP protocols. It allows all configuration, monitoring, and control through remote programming service anytime,anywhere in applications such as industrial and institutional facilities, high rise office buildings,convention centers, airports, stadiums, shopping malls,schools, retail facilities, and multi-site facilities.
(3) Schedule lights to turn on and off at specific times and create lighting events
(4)Embedded web serve for browser-based monitoring and control

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旭捷科技-平板/ 手機/網頁電力節能控制配電盤---6 迴路即時控制

SJC 1211為一款以平板/ 手機/網頁電力節能控制系統,透過電源箱控制空調、照明等自動化方式,可廣泛地應用於建物景觀照明、辦公大樓、工廠、百貨商場、公寓大樓公共設施等之節能控制,無論大、中、小型工程皆可適用。
將所有電器納入觸控環境控制管理系統, 並具有個別的、多重的或群組的方式操作控制迴路,讓多種電器同時動作的功能,及定時排程的功能。可利用手機開關上的LED狀態顯示,識別迴路負載的狀態。達到節能的目的,讓節能減碳更是輕而易舉,實現完美的智能住宅生活,化身成為智慧建築。
(1) 低成本,安裝、使用、操作簡單方便,易學易用。
(2)任何場所,只要透過Internet/Lan區域網路介面,即可使用Smart phone智慧型手機或Tablet 平板電腦, 就可監控大電力負載

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