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Prava - Group Travel Made Easy's review


Prava is made for the outgoing traveler and socialite

  • Detailed tutorial
  • Simple to pick-up and use
  • Not very heavy
  • Needs a newer device to run
  • Somewhat cluttered UI

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Going on a trip together sounds like a wonderful idea on paper, but the truth is, the logistics are really, really difficult. You have to find dates when everyone can go, you have to plan to see who’s actually going, and what your actual expenses will be and actually are. Prava for the iOS and Android lets you plan your trip on your preferred device, and brings three core options: Explore, which lets you explore published trips by other people, see trip participants and add your own favorites, My Trips, which lets you create your own trips in card form, and Favourites, which lets you see your very own favorite explored trips.


Prava makes group planning easy to do with its detailed tutorial and simple to learn controls. This app also runs quite smoothly and won’t weigh down your device a lot.


On the Android, you’ll need to use an Android device above 4.0, and on the iOS, you’ll need the latest device that can run 9.2. The UI could be much more organized.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Aug 19, 2016

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