Prince2 Basics Learning



This free video-based PRINCE2 training teaches project managers and their teams how PRINCE2 is structured and demonstrates the key PRINCE2 techniques.

It comes complete with detailed workbook Guides. You get 9 great videos showing you PRINCE2 in easy steps. You also get my famous PRINCE2 Step-By-Step Guide, my PRINCE2 Road Map, and brand new PRINCE2 Process InfoGraphic.


• Over 11 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
• To give a general overview of the PRINCE2 method and to help prepare for the Foundation and Practitioner Exams.
• To teach you how the Processes work together with the main management documents
• To describe the PRINCE2 Product-based Planning Technique
• Explain the use of Configuration Management in PRINCE2
• How to apply PRINCE2 Management By Exception


✔ The PRINCE2 Process Model
✔ Your PRINCE2 Road Map
✔ PRINCE2 Product-based Planning Technique
✔ PRINCE2 Management By Exception
✔ PRINCE2 Configuration Management - Part 1
✔ PRINCE2 Configuration Management - Part 2
✔ PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Tips - Part 1
✔ PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Tips - Part 2
✔ PRINCE2 Risk Management
✔ PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Tips
✔ PRINCE2 Business Case Theme


• Lifetime access to 11 lectures
• 2+ hours of high quality content
• A community of 2100+ students learning together!
• Watch courses on the go: video lectures, audio lectures, presentations, articles and anything inside your course.
• Watch courses in offline: Save courses for offline viewing so you can watch them while you're on a plane or subway!

Instructed By : David Geoffrey Litten
David spent 25 years as a senior project manager for USA multinationals, and has deep experience in project management. He is an Accredited PRINCE2 Project Management Trainer and now develops a wide range of project-related downloadable video training products under the Primer brand name.

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