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    Complete Quran Kareem in MP3 Format. Download to your device and listen offline. Watch tafseer videos. Discuss Quran and Islamic topics.

    • Al-Quran al Kareem in MP3 Format
    * Audio Translations: Arabic Quran Translation, Chinese Quran Translation, English Quran Translation, Persian Quran Translation.

    * Quran Radio Stations: Quran MP3 app contains a number of Quran Radio Stations including Quran Radio Tafsir, Quran Radio Thai, Quran Radio Malyalam, Quran Radio Abdel Baset, Quran Radio Albanian.

    *Read Quran: Quran MP3 app has Quran in following languages:
    Alabanian Quran, Arabic Quran, Azarbijani Quran, Bosnian Quran, Brahui Quran, Brazillian Quran, Bulgarian Quran, Chichewa Quran, Chinese Quran, Croatian Quran, Dutch Quran, English Quran Translation by Pickthall, English Quran Translation by Al-Hilali Khan, English Quran Translation by Yusuf Ali with Commentaries, Fillipino Quran, Finnish Quran, French Quran, Fulani Quran, German Quran, Ghajariya Quran, Greek Quran, Hausa Quran, Italian Quran, Indonesian Quran, Japanese Quran, Kashmiri Quran, Kazakh Quran, Kirgiz Koran, Korean Quran, Macedonian Quran, Malayalam Quran, Malay Quran, Mexican Quran, Persian Quran, Polish Quran, Portugese Quran, Russian Quran and Sindhi Quran.

    * Watch Videos: Tafseer of Al quran, The Quran English Translation by Abu Bakr Al Shatri, Complete Quran by Mishary Al Afasy, Understand Quran - A short Course, The Quran English Translation by Shaikh Ahmad Al-Ajmi

    • Download quran to your device and listen offline

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