Ramadan Guide



Ramadan Guide is a free mobile application in English language that provides guidance on the practical jurisprudence around the worship in the month of Ramadan which can be applied directly in the lives of everyday Muslims.

Fiqh of worship about fasting that exist in this application are:
- Fasting Ramadan (terms, harmonious, intentions, prayers, how to qadha' ramadan fast, kaffarah and fidyah payments, etc.)
- Prayer Taraweeh and Witr (way, intention, prayer, etc.)
- Zakat al-Fitr (intention submission zakat, zakat type and size, time and manner of delivery zakat al-Fitr)
- I'tikaf (pillars and requirements, intentions i'tikaf; place, manner and timing of I'tikaf, etc.)
- Eid Al Fitr (Eid Takbeer, procedures for the Eid prayer, fasting procedures of Shawwal)
- And others.

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