Relevance+ is an app that lets you view and share your top followers and friends from Google+. From this app you can access your Top 10 list, Top 25 list, Top 50 list, and Top 100 list. You can also customize your image with 10 awesome styles in 4 different grid layouts (and more to come - make suggestions in your review)!

Once you have your list ready, you can save it to your device or share it on Google+ (or anywhere else)!


How is the relevancy scored? This app uses Google's Relevancy score to determine relevancy. Sometimes this number is pretty accurate. Sometimes it is reeeeaally off. Nobody knows for sure how Google determines relevancy, but family members and people you may know on other social networks seem to bump up the relevancy, even if you don't interact with them on Google+.

Want to make the app more accurate? Read our tips here:


NEW: As of 3/28 (version 1.3) you no longer need 50 followers to display your lists!

NEW: As of 03/24 (version 1.2.2) you can now auto-tag your top followers and friends! (Thanks Chris Druif!)

This app is free and is supported by advertisements, but you can purchase it for $.99 from within the app to get rid of the ads and to gain access to your Top 100 Google+ followers!


YOU CAN GET THE FULL APP COMPLETELY FREE if I ( or my company, DeskPlace ( are in your Top 100 followers! Click a Top button to load your circles, and if I'm in there it will notify you that the app is unlocked! Add and interact with us on Google+ to get the app for free!

Note: the images in the screenshots are blurred to respect the privacy of My Top 100 friends on Google+ !


Why does this app request for me to login to my Google account? Find out about this here:

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