Roadwatch is a community based app that has one purpose - making our roads safer

It's time to pick sides - are you a reckless driver or a responsible driver ?

Use Roadwatch to report any dangerous behavior on the road without compromising your safety.

Using the on-growing power of community Roadwatch strives to increase the mutual feeling of drivers' responsibility and encourage safer driving.

Get real time notifications to your device in case you are reported.

Are you worried about your child on the road?
Do you want to be notified if someone is driving dangerously?

Now you can also track other cars and get real-time notifications of how they drive!

It's time to join -- The Roadwatchers --

- Integrated with navigation app
- Hands-free reporting using Google's voice recognition
- Real-time notification when your car is reported
- Track cars of people you care about (currently available for free)
- Automatically pinpoints report location by GPS
- Allows searching for any car report history (including map view)
- Can verify and block false reports according to report location, time and pattern

Q:How can I help?
A:By using Roadwatch to share any dangerous behavior you see on the road.

Q:How is that helping anyone?
A:When we watch each other we tend to behave better and drive safer.(proven statistically!)

Q:Where is all this information going to ?
A:All of the information you shared is stored on the Roadwatch servers.(not shared with any 3rd party)

Q:Who can see all of the shared information ?
A:The information is accessible to all Roadwatchers.

Q:I don't want anyone to know my license plate !
A: That's not a question! but don't worry - Roadwatch will never expose your license plate.

Q:Can anyone see that I was the one to send a report ?
A:The reporter information is held private and is never displayed as part of the report information.

Q:I have an iPhone, can I install it too?
A:Not at the moment. Roadwatch is for Android users only. iPhone version will be available in the future

Q:Do I have to manually open the Roadwatch app each time I want to report?
A:Definitely not! Roadwatch is integrated with your navigation app so all you need to do is just press a button that will appear inside it.

Q:How can I report while I'm driving?
A:Roadwatch uses Google's voice recognition – all you have to do is just say the license plate number loud and clear and it will be saved for you to edit after you safely reached your destination.

Q:What should I do to integrate Roadwatch with my navigation app?
A:You don't need to do anything - after installing and registering up with Roadwatch, it will be automatically integrated with your navigation app.

Q:Which navigation applications are supported by Roadwatch?
A:Waze is the the first navigation app we currently support, more navigation apps will be supported in the future

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