Ruler Pro



Small objects smartphone that can measure the length of the ruler application.

Things to weigh the length of the ruler, the ruler is useful when using your app.

The size of the actual ruler during the first calibration run you can get accurate results.

How to use:
1 measurement of smartphones and place next to the place or thing.
2 Touch the screen to display the measured values ​​are displayed in a line.

★ scale to accurately read the measurement lines.
★ 2 measuring lines of two fingers together or apart on the length can be measured.
★ Double-click on the screen to initiate the measurement line can be used easily.
★ cm, inch by two methods you can use to select.
★ conveniently measured by placing a tick to the left and right August
★ Pro version is ad-free.

Keywords: length, cm, inch, measure, ruler