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Scholarships Keys is an elite, multi-functional mobile application that targets scholarship applicants and educators in all five continents. Developed by app designer R.C. Easley, the founder of National Academy of American Scholars. Virtually every country is represented. The continents represented include North America (the U.S.A. and Canada), Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The Scholarship Keys App consists of 6 components.
Primary Feature: The primary component of the Scholarship Keys app is to generate unique scholarship keys for educators and students that match their respective countries or regions. These Scholarship Keys in turn unlock matching applications for the Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, scholarship applications, as well as all other scholarships and grants sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. The applications are represented on both the mobile and desktop websites of NAAS.ORG. The keys change with each update. Each city and region has a unique Scholarship Key. Users use the Scholarship Keys to apply for scholarships via their smart-phone,tablet, or desktop.

Scholarship News: the latest scholarships news from each U.S. state. Updated each minute, hour, and day. The Scholarship News feature alone make this mobile app worthwhile and essential to any student, educator, or parent seeking scholarship information. There is no need to search different states from different websites. The Scholarship Keys app unlocks the latest scholarship news all over the world. For U.S. residents, each state is represented to all U.S.A. states and combines scholarship pages six pages deep for each state.

Scholarship Search feature: Besides generating Scholarship Keys to be used to unlock NAAS applications, and unlock Scholarship News all around the world, the Scholarship Keys app has a powerful Scholarship Search feature that harnesses all of the major scholarship search services into a single app. Yes, a single app! Scholarship Keys app retreives the latest scholarship news from, Scholarships.Com,, ScholarshipExperts.Com,Cappex.Com, Zinch.Com,FinAid.Org, and College Prowler and displays it to the user. In addition, instead of going to multiple sites, the Scholarship Keys app combines a powerful search features that allows a user to search all major scholarship search services from within a single app! No need to switch websites, or switch apps.

Scholarship Keys for all world five (5) Continents: North America, including Canada. Asia. Europe. Africa. Latin America. Each country represented.

Contests: Scholarship Keys app users may enter our monthly contest drawings. $100 to $1,000 awards. Only app users are eligible.

Loans: Scholarship Keys app users may are eligible for special student loans and grants arranged by our partners. All it takes is to download the Scholarship Keys app, and press the Loan button.

Biography: Meet the founder of National Academy of American Scholars, and learn how National Academy of American Scholars was created in 1988.

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