Scientific Calculator Mu PRO



♦ You can both execute User Formulas, as well as normal calculation.
♦ You can create your own formulas and save them in User Memory until you need them.
♦ In User Formulas, you can use English alphabets, Greeks and any symbols, such as a subscript.
♦ You can create User Formulas almost exactly identical as the mathematical equations.

♦ Once a formula is saved, it can be executed at any time by specifying the formula memory number.
♦ Once you execute a formula, subsequent operation depends on the type of formula that you recalled.
( For example, '?' may appear to tell you to input values for variables.)
♦ You can add another equations during calculation.
♦ Abbreviated multiplication and nested parentheses can be expressed exactly same way as real formulas.

♦ You can use the calculated values repeatedly by just one-touch.
♦ Saved data in Memory can be used anytime you want during both normal calculation and Formulas.
♦ You can use the saved data in User Formulas.
( Nothing effects to User Formulas although the saved data being deleted.)
♦ Appearance is identical to that of classics calculator, with providing better functions by touch screen and touch scroll.
♦ Landscape mode supported.

[Functions include]
♦ Power & Root Functions
♦ Log Functions.
♦ Trigonometric functions in degree or radian
♦ Arcsine , Arccosine, Arctangent
♦ Hyperbolic sine, Hyperbolic cosine, Hyperbolic tangent
♦ Hyperbolic Arcsine, Hyperbolic Arccosine, Hyperbolic Arctangent
♦ Factorial

♦♦ In PRO version, User Formulas and Memory data can be saved unlimited.

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