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Vegetarian? Omnivorous looking for healthy food?
Nowadays technology made it possible to find out of season fruits and vegetables in local stores. However, if you are looking for healthy food, you should be able to recognize seasonal fruits and vegetables.
This can be a hard task for those who live in the city, because they can be easily misled by good looking products displayed in supermarkets.

This free app provides an easy way to get in season fruits chart, whether you want to check them to prepare your tasty smoothies or to make a fresh fruit juice.

- Fruit and Vegetable calendar
- seasonal fruits and vegetables displayed per area
- the app provides the calories count for each fruit / vegetable together with a short description
- optimized for tablets
- select your favourite products and share them
- full color pictures will also allow you to learn how vegetables and fruit look like
- seasonal fruits and vegetable recipes websearch

Benefits provided from consuming in season food:
In season fruits and vegetables are cheaper than out of season ones.
In season fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients and are grown up without pesticides, so they are perfect to be used in your healthy foods recipes.
Since in season fruits contain more nutrients, they are more suitable for pregnancy diet.

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