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Send My Location is app which is built to share your current location to your friend or any relative to send invitation to come .
Today, in our world the ways of our home is too difficult for any unknown person to come , a lot of time is wasted in just to find your friend home and a lot of balance too is wasted in mobile to ask way from friend , where to turn right ?? or where to turn left ?? too confusing..

But now it all stays in past , we can just call our friend by sending your current location through this app , a map is also attached that will tell your current location and can be seen in satellite view also to understand more and it is not over, you can add your personal text in this too and can be send by any medium like - Text message , Gmail , Email , or Facebook or hangout or any social app that you installed in your smartphone.

It works best in 3g network.

***Enjoy Send My Location app and make your life easier and easier for your friend too.

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