Separator of funds



In every group of friends very often occur cases where someone pays for someone and at the end of a joint trip or event is very difficult to calculate and allocate costs among all people.
This application (calculator) will help you to divide money easy between all members of your group.
Enter the name of a member of your group in the field "enter name" and press the right button (painted man with a plus).
Repeat the operation to insert all names of all members of your group. Free version of the application allows you to add up to 12 people.
Choose payer by green button.
In the field "sum" enter the total amount of the payment and mark people for whom the payer pays .
Click "+" to pay for marked members.
Press "-" to refund of marked members.
If the sum is positive (green) – the payer is a lender.
If the amount is negative (red) - the payer is a debtor.

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