Vietnam has more than 3000 thousand years of history along with over 3000 years of culinary elite eating.
We still go on the road is familiar to those familiar and consistent thought food 3000 years of history that do not mean anything to us because every day both in the old shop.
With timid people afraid to associate as we are entering the new eateries why it is so difficult.
But for the curious, want to discover new things we have to promote something so convenient and simple for people like us to change hesitate.

With the desire to connect Vietnamese cuisine, we have been doing everything to get it done !

Functions include :
- Search for restaurant locations and pricing information, describe dishes
- Call ordering
- Share eateries and favorite dishes
- Directions to the restaurant

We are very glad if you send back suggestions to help improve products better.

Wish you have moments of fun with family !

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