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Signal Booster
Signal Booster Android is one of the best apps in Play Store for boosting your Network Signal Strength.We have our own proprietary method for boosting signal strength.For now own signal strength would never be an issue for your Android Phones.When ever you find that your phone has a very low signal then just open the Signal Booster Android and see the magic.Our previous version Signal Booster received huge response from the audience and was featured as one of the best apps in App Brain.Signal Booster For Android is a modified version of Signal Booster with more tweaks in it to give you a better signal strength.

Signal Booster Android is just under 1Mb in size and supports almost every Android phone.If by chance your phone is not supported kindly mail us at and you will have your phone supported in the very next update.

How Signal Booster Android Works?
By default an Android Phone does not connect to its nearest tower.It scans for towers nearby when the signal strength in your Android device is really low.This is done to save your battery.But when you use Signal Booster Android it scans for the nearest tower when ever the app is opened.Our proprietary technology makes sure that this is done with minimum battery usage.

Features Of Signal Booster Android
Increases Signal Strength
Acts as a 3g Speed Booster
Acts As A 4g Speed Booster
Supports Different Languages
Very Small In Size
24/7 Support Through Skype/Email
When you exit the app you will be treated with Popular Apps of the day which are handpicked by our reviewers.These are apps that are meant to make your life with Android easier.

How To Use Signal Booster Android
Signal Booster Android is really simple to use.Just open the Signal Booster Android App and the rest our app will take care of itself.Once opened Signal Booster android scans for nearest tower with the best signal strength and connects to it.

Privacy Policy of Signal Booster
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We hope you enjoy using Signal Booster.If you face any problems in getting Signal Booster to work you can always get back to us.We would love to help you to get Signal Booster working.

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