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Based on the official driving license questionnaire for Switzerland (Version Mai. 2014).
Get your driving license in a secure and easy way. Study wherever and whenever you want; no matter if on the tram, in a short break or at home on your sofa.

• all relevant theoretical questions and pictures (latest version) required for the Swiss driving license (category B)
• a detailed explanation to every solution of the question
• realistic test-simulation with test results – simulate your driving test
• statistical information & an overview of your progress; have your wrong answers displayed and highlight difficult ones under “favourites”
• search - with our search function you can search all questions based on a certain keyword
• free updates: latest questions are implemented free of cost
• modern and user-friendly surface
• transparent: test one chapter of the App for free and upgrade to have all others (if you are happy with our contents) for a tiny surcharge. No hidden charge.
• absolutely no advertisements!

The questionnaire
We conceptualized our questions based on the official ASA driving license syllabus. The questions of the official questionnaire have been reframed and optimized with pictures in order to make successful learning possible.
See for yourself: our questions and pictures are almost identical to those of the official Swiss driving license exam.

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