Smartest Volume Booster



Boost phone volume at maximum level with this volume booster!
Boost phone volume at maximum level with one button push with this sound booster / volume booster!
Just press one button to maximize volume instead of taking a more complicated path.
Overall your phone sound and volume will be stronger by over 40%!

This sound booster / volume booster adjusts the volume for all audio streams of the phone, even on the phones on which this is not possible:
* Alarm sound;
* DTMF (keypad dialling sound);
* Music volume;
* Notifications volume (SMS, E-mail, etc);
* Phone ringer volume;
* System sounds volume (battery low, etc);
* Voice call volume

Because of specific audio stream volume booster feature this sound booster app is smartest volume booster in android market.
Use this app and play music louder and have fun.

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