SMS Boomerang remote control



SMS Boomerang is a fabulous app that gives you the ability to control your phone from any other phone by sending an SMS.
You left your phone at home?
You've lost your phone?
You do not have to worry about!

How do I configure?
Install Boomerang SMS on your phone and set a password at least 5 characters. Got it !!
Note:Don't need to install it on the other phone

List of commands (given by another phone):

1) name_to_find password
Sends you the number of a contact in the address book (The research will also work with a part of the name)

2) -c password
We'll send the list of missed calls

3) -m password
Send you of unread SMS

4) -v password
Turn off the vibration and turn up the volume to maximum (Useful when you do not find the phone)

5) -b password
Informs you of the status of the battery

6) -w password
Turn on the WIFI

7) -h password
Turn off the WIFI

8) -g password
Finds Your Phone (with GPS and Network)

9) -d password
Enable Data Connection

10) -e password
Disable Data Connection

11) help password
(Function GUIDE) will be a list of commands

NB: you always put a space before the password

There is still no clear ??
We do a few examples:

Ex.1: I have to look up the number of Andrea and the password is saved misticus
SMS to send: Andrea misticus

Ex.2: I have to look up the number of Marco Rossi and the password is saved misticus
SMS to be sent: Marco Rossi misticus

Ex.3: I need to find the last missed call on your phone and your password is saved misticus:
SMS to be sent: c misticus

Ex.4: I have to find him on the phone last unread messages and the password is saved misticus
SMS to send: -m misticus

Ex.5: I can not find the phone in the house because the ringtone is low
SMS to send: -v misticus

Ex.6:I've lost my phone.
SMS to send: -g misticus

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