SMS codify



- Secure sms transmission with asymmetric encryption, totaly automaticaly.
- Totaly secure sms.
- Private-key infrastructure (PKI).
- Comfortable and easy use, one time installation.

This application is created to protect sensetive data received over sms.
Even if the sms is intersepted nothing can be reached from the encrypted text.
The encrypted text can only be decrypted by your personal private key, generated just after the first launch.
Each key is unique and has its own identification number.

A Keypair is created after first launch.
A unique identification number is granted.
With the Private Key you decrypt messages, received from the trusted saurses.

Send your Private Key Identifiction Number to the organization which wants to send you an encrypted message. The organization encrypts the message with your Private Key and sends the encrypted message to you. ONLY YOU can decrypt the encrypted Message with your Private Key.


- Doqnload and install the app.
- Launch the aplication.
- Waint till your private kay is generated.
- Share your Private Key identification number.

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