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Monitor the location of your assets, record your own movements, and receive custom alerts with SnapTraq™. This new app provides convenient access to your VisTracks™ account providing a custom client to view and manage your assets, as well as offering the ability to periodically report your smartphone’s position.

The SnapTraq Android client uses your existing VisTracks credentials to allow you to keep track of the movements of all your managed assets even while you’re away from your PC. Simply launch the app and log in with your assigned username and password and you’ll immediately see the current locations of each tracked asset as well as any alerts they may have triggered based on their motion.


· User-settable refresh rate for updating asset locations

· User-settable reporting interval for position tracking

· Server-based or client-based settings

· Immediately locate asset on map

· Search and Filter facilities

· Review alert history

· View time of last report for all assets

· View target zones

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