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So what is Social Beacon?

SocialBeacon is an innovative , easy to setup and use , wi-fi social network, which gives the users under a common wi-fi network the possibility to find out more about each other , as well as interact with one another . It is thus a great solution for business meetings , and even normal people interactions , such as inside of a hotel or resort for example.

Users can share lots of info about them , but only the name , age and country are required . SocialBeacon also has a back-end server taking care of all the data management , which can also be used to create statistics in order to improve user experience . SocialBeacon has been built on top on reliable modern technologies such as .NET and Mono , which also make it cross platform . The app is currently only available on Android , but it can easily be ported to other platforms such as Windows Phone or iOS .

SocialBeacon is based on Dash, a transfer framework through Wi-Fi, cross platform, based on .NET and Mono. This framework can transfer bytes-level information through socket and network steam. The conversion bytes-data and vice-versa is obtained due to the help of Microsoft in .NET technologies, such as Binary Reader and Binary Writer . We realised the discovery client system with UDP protocol and the transfer of information with TCP.

The information is spreaded due to a client-server model based on this technology. The clients(users) themselves are the so-known “beacons” and the server is the one that generates and analyses the data. Also, while one user’s basic data are stocked by the server for future analysis, the server does not stock the privat content like private messages between users, but only transfers them from one client to another.

The interface is friendly, intuitive, the application guides the user to fully complete the blank fields. Also, all the information that is assumed by the server will help to create statistics that might help us improve the quality of user’s experience.

Why SocialBeacon and no other social apk?

It is the first social application based on only a wireless connection (without an Internet connection) which encourage you to make new friends and helps you to learn more about the nearby places.

SocialBeacon was created just so you manage to make new friends, improve and broaden relationships between people especially the strangers who happen to be in the same place, for example a restaurant or a hotel. Let’s say you travel to a foreign country, not knowing the surroundings. So what can this application help you then? Well, due to SocialBeacon, you cand talk with every person whom that certain hotel hosts, regardless of nationality. They can help you with the best locations, or if you do not know the language you cand always look for conationals due to this system that implies showing off the nationality of each user.

Not only this app is beneficial in tourism, but also in business. How can you make sure that your employees find proper answers to their questions without wasting their time on the Internet? Well, the answer you are looking for is nothing but SocialBeacon. It does not require internet connection, you only have your own employees connected and you also obtain their details. This can and will improve the productivity of your company. Of course, nobody will have access to private messages between people, due to the server’s capacity to only memorize the following data: name, age, country, mail, phone and some certain details that only the user would like to share publicly.

[Created by Sabin Balan & Daniel Tarcau]

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