Sound Board - Animal Sounds



This produces animal sounds.
Please enjoy these high quality sounds.
These are high quality sounds with pictures of the animal for a toddler, a young child, or even an adult to use.

The following sounds are produced by clicking on the picture.

alligator - hiss, grunt, roar
bees - buzz
birds - chirp
cat - meow
bull frog - croak, ribbit
chicken - cluck
cow - moo
crickets - chirp, creak
dogs - woof
donkey - hee-haw
duck - quak
frog - croak, ribbit
geese - honk, gobble
goat - baa
horse - neigh
horse run - clop
hyenas - whoop
lion - roar
rooster - crow
sheep - baa

Very easy to use.
We hope you enjoy the high quality sound effects.

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