Sound Lie Scanner




    THIS IS A FAKE POLYGRAPH APP. Ever had problems convincing your friends you're not lying? Feeling like the little boy who cried wolf? Once you install this app that will all change! This is a fake lie detector app. Find out the truth. don¡¯t let them lie to you.

    Let the accused person speak his answer into your mobile phone and the Sound Lie Scanner analyses the voice. It will be analyzed if there is a tremble in his/her voice and if there are differences in the frequencies. Consequently you can reveal any lie.(Lie Detector is just a FunApp)

    Just open the app, push the big record button and say whatever it is that your friends don't believe. As soon as you let go of the big button the outcome of the "polygraph test" will show up on the screen.

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    Great looking Sound Lie Scanner is the best Lie Scanner in android Market. Application is fake lie detector designed to fool your friends or family. Just for entertainment.

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