SoundFollow is the hub of all things music. It keeps all your favorite free music listening services in one handy place, and additionally, many music news sites at your disposal. Our main feature, SoundUnfollow, allows you to gain more followers on SoundCloud! It is essential to help build your follower base for free. First, SoundFollow links your SoundCloud account to the previously private UnfollowSpy Engine. Then, you are able to view who does not follow your SoundCloud account back, and you can make appropriate changes to your follower list. The reason SoundUnfollow is helpful: On average, 25% of the 2000 people SoundCloud allows you to follow, actually follow you back. SoundUnfollow will let you view and edit the 75% who do not follow you back so you can know exactly who to remove in order to make space for new followers. The truth of the matter is most people do not unfollow you once you unfollow them, mainly because they literally have no idea. Get the upper-hand! Rinse and repeat this method, using SoundFollow with our unique SoundUnfollow tool, you can become a SoundCloud Superstar in no time! Disclaimer: WE DO NOT KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PRIVATE INFO (LOG-INS & PASSWORDS).

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