SpeakR - The App No One Wants To Hear From.

Play messages OUT LOUD on your friends phone!

Lost your phone? Get a friend to SpeakR you.
Friend's phone is on silent and won't return your calls? Flick a SpeakR their way.
Want to troll a mate during a huge presentation? Send them a quick SpeakR.

Inspired by the controversial app 'Yo', SpeakR plays whatever your friend sends out loud for the world to hear.
The more friends you have playing, the more fun the mind games become!

Monday 11 August
- Fixed Audio issues with volume level
- New voice tweaks
Thursday 3rd July
- New Scoring Feature! The more SpeakR's you send, the higher your score becomes!
See which friends love SpeakR the most!
- Test what message will sound like before you send it!
- Message buttons are smaller so smaller screen devices can now see message being typed when replying
- Added Logic for handling no internet connectivity
Wednesday 2nd July
- Reply straight from notification feature added
- Increased Character count of message to 160 characters
- Added Character counter

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