Speed Control



Speed ​​control can be used for several reasons. To make sure you do not exceed the set speed, warning you with a alarm beep, or to verify that your loved ones do not run over the set speed. Otherwise you will be notified by SMS in real time if you want but this isn't mandatory.
The app is disponibile in 7 language: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian
Some Features:
* No need to look at the screen or at the car's speedometer.
* Warning alarm beep
* Km/h or Mph
*You can also enter your mobile phone number for receiving sms and you can know in real time when the user (with the app installed on his/her phone/tablet) exceeds the speed engaged.
*Record all the times that the speed engaged is exceeded.
* Ability to configure the screen to turning off
* Support all screen sizes
Speed Control - Contrôle de vitesse - Controllo Velocità - Controle de Velocidade - Контроль скорости - Control de velocidad

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