Spirit Box Gold and EMF Sensor



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The Spirit Box Gold gives spirits the ability to communicate in a variety of ways. It is loaded with an extensive dictionary with thousands of words to choose from, contains a phonetic voice generator, produces a tone when anything taps/touches/moves/vibrates the device, notifies you when there is an EMF spike, generates white noise for EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recording or opens a camera/camcorder/audio recorder when there is a significant EMF spike. Now users can even calibrate their devices to their specific surroundings. This edition of Spirit Box even contains a user preset camera! Spirit detection and communication in just a few quick taps on your touch screen, with ZERO vocal samples, NO radar scanner and ZERO paid customer reviews. The best and most advanced spirit/ghost detector technology on the market. In this edition we've added the automatic recording of events when spirits are detected.
Perfect for serious ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, paranormal research teams or victims of being stuck in a lease in a haunted house.
How to use
1. Activate the scanner
2. Set your device on a flat surface
3. Listen for paranormal activity

Anonymous wrote:
"I love your apps! I got a ton of activity when I visited the Calico Ghost Town!!!"

Please note that the audio recorder only trigger when there is an unnaturally powerful EMF spike. If there is no unique data analyzed, these modes WILL NOT activate. Please don't leave a 1 star review on a product you've used for only one day. This app isn't made to trick you into thinking you can get a pic/video/EVP every five minutes. It uses several sensors to analyze your surroundings in real time, and will provide you with the opportunity to catch your evidence should the need arise.

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