SportsLogger - the perfect app to log your sport activities such as running, biking, cross country skiing and nordic walking.

Swimming activities can easy be added manually to the history.

This makes the app also very useful for triathletes.

Sports Logger runs exclusively on your smartphone and does not require any login or register in a social network.

After starting the app you get an overview of all your sport activities.

A weekly overview shows you the training status of the current week (total training time, total time per sport activity)

Training data like time, distance, speed, average speed, average pace, max. speed and altitude will be displayed and updated constantly.

The covered distance is displayed in an “Openstreetmap” view.

A speed diagram, an altitude profile and a table view of the km periods give you a great overview of your training.

All important data are saved in a history (log) at the end of training.

These data can be sent to a PC by e-mail. E.g. for post-processing in Microsoft Excel.

As option an acoustic signal can indicate each passed kilometer.

A threshold can be set which stops recording automatically in case speed drops below 2 km/h.

This saves the hassle of stopping and starting the activity, for example at short traffic light breaks.

The white background of the app also serves as lighting and makes you additionally more recognizable during nightly runs.

Have fun with the SportsLogger app.

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