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    After his final years of university, Garrett announced that he would stop making game commentaries.
    Garrett gradually changed from Call of Duty to Halo and become a regular contributor to a community known as IHaloZone.
    After Garrett uploaded the review on GamesThirst's website, GamesThirst hired Garrett as a full-time employee.
    He was reached by a game website known as GamesThirst to make a review about a new game called Homefront.
    Garrett started making Let's Play for a popular game known as Call of Duty.
    When Let's Play videos started becoming popular, Garrett launched his first YouTube channel named Stampylongnose.
    He stopped playing The Walking Dead after he finished it because he said that he will not play again adult-themed games.
    He started his Minecraft in 2012 and started playing The Walking Dead: Video Game Season 1 in the same year.
    He swears in the earlier episodes, but he stopped it because he knew that the children are watching his videos.
    Stampylonghead is created by Joseph Garett two years ago. He started Minecraft in this channel.

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