Pick a Stik and take a Pic!

StikPic is a fun way to take photos with your friends and/or family. The idea is simple!

Create a StikPic profile or login with Facebook! Once you have logged in, you can connect with your friends/family on the StikPic app!

Browse around the StikPic social network, view other users pics and use them as inspiration for your own!

Then create a StikPic! Choose which type of poses you wish to use. There is a standard pack. alphabet pack, mid-air madness pack and an impossible pack! Then choose how many people are in your group.

Select your poses! You can either swipe down and view them all, or if your after a bit of fun, then you can randomise them!

Take a pic! If your group has under 4 people, then you can use Pose Director, which will superimpose the poses onto the camera view so you can easily tell your friends where to stand!

Share this StikPic with all of your friends and/or family via our internal social network, or any other social network you choose!

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