string scrapbook




    Appropriate user >>
    often need to record >> >> courses, schedule, names, and other laws of the classroom .. and duplicate data
    often need to record >> >> room number, name of disease, symptoms, medication, etc. .. law and duplicate data
    >> often need to record >> scheduling, customer, address, and other laws and procedures .. duplicate data

    Common Input Method string scrapbook _
    Is a common way to add a string to use to select the clipboard,
    Where is the need of the paste can be
    The Program is designed to quickly open the drop-down menu,

    1 Turn on the exit of the APP, you can see the quick start heading in the drop-down menu
    2 Turn on to enter APP (eg calendars, etc. APP)
    3 there is a need to use the input common statement, calling the program in the drop down menu
    4 After the operation by copying to the clipboard, the program automatically exit and return
        To enter the APP (such as calendars, etc. APP)
    5 Press long to paste the clipboard paste function to trigger the phone

    Built-in 5 themes, 10 categories, 10 options
    You can use a total of 500 common string

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