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The Mozart Effect [Mozart effect] is the specific characteristics, such as Mozart's music when listening to music ensures great court refers to the phenomenon well studied. Concentration as well as increased intelligence, improve brain activity is promoted through various research turns out to be. Beautiful melody and relieve stress and calm to reduce the mistakes.

Why can not I study? I have difficulty concentrating? Did a lot of stress build up? Do not worry about this. Listen to classical music when I study well you have. Study! Classical music is played in various sayings that floats your study you will burn more motivated.

Study, work, relationships and other things cause you stress and high tension, I recommend these musics to you

▶ The Mozart Effect

The first research conducted in California, USA, 1993 (州) University of California, Irvine (UCI) of Rauscher (Frances Rauscher). Prof. Rauscher found that listening to music of "Sonata for two pianos in D major (K 448)> Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) will improve brain activity and prove theory of intelligence. College student who are listening to the music score higher than who didn't (Source: Doosan Encyclopedia)

Because Mozart's music is highly structured it can actually leverage Mozart's students score in the temporal and spatial reasoning ability test to 48% or higher than other students.

▶ Effect of Baroque Music

Rosa Bulgaria Smirnoff psychologist Georg instrumental to the spread of the Baroque period and let the real class of student learning improves speed and memory dwaetdaneun announced the results. Time of about 60 beats per minute, with a music extracted human nervous because it almost coincides with the pulse rate. Baroque music is good music, baroque music prenatal rhythmic bass when people are resting heart rate is similar to the sound of the mother and the fetus to feel peace of mind.
The higher the concentration, the human is the most calm and EEG alpha waves when it comes to listen to Bach or Mozart produces alpha waves in our brain are activated motion look while also increasing concentration, emotional stability can be obtained.

Most popular in the Baroque period of music is repeated a certain uniformity in the structure of the base and have a regular rhythm and tempo counterpoint made on the basis of systematic technique that scholars are so regular and unity because the rhythm of the music they produce alfalfa In particular, argue that effective.

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