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We're juggling projects, clients, deliverables, deadlines, and tons of data.task manager task killer Our phones Super Task Killer have become the hub for much of our professional communications killer advanced task killer and a growing percentage of our productive work.

With all of this data usage, phones can get clogged up with clutter pretty quickly the task killer. Recently I have been doing research into apps that help with both automation automatic task killer (to save me time) and cleaning out the crud that builds up from heavy use of my phones.

Android apps advansd task killer to make your life easier and help take back some of your time and space.task killer application The apps are evaluated based on the following criteria:

Adding / Removing Start Up Apps
Freeing Memory / CPU Usage
Moving Apps From Phone to SD Card
Uninstall Apps
Clear History (call logs, SMS, search history)
Battery Saver
Back-up and Restore

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