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Have you ever wanted an app that lets you roll large numbers of dice, while also giving you the option to roll small numbers with both the image and sounds of actual dice rolls? The toolbox contains two dice rolling apps, one for rolling very large numbers of dice for those complicated spells and games and one that simulates real dice rolls of a spread of dice types.

The toolbox also contains a rock paper scissors tool that lets you throw up to 5 symbols at once, and contains rock, paper, scissors, bomb, spock, and lizard. All the symbols you should need for most any LARP or rock paper scissor based game.

Last but not least, the toolbox also now contains a random name generator, with both fantasy and modern names. Fantasy names are drawn from a Tolkien inspired list, with over 200 seed first and last names, giving you a large variety in names!

Enjoy your D&D, pathfinder, warhammer 40k, star wars, vampire the masquerade, or other tabletop gaming sessions with this app. Perfect for those days you forgot your real dice, or are in need of throwing 100 dice rapidly.

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