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    A classy TAG Heuer Monaco-inspired designer watchface for the Sony SmartWatch 2. This watchface brings some class, style and sophistication to your wrist! Be sure to checkout my other watchface creations for the Sony SmartWatch 2! This is NOT an official TAG Heuer-endorsed watchface.
    Note: This is a native watchface/clock for the Sony SmartWatch 2 and works in active and low power mode to save your watch's battery. By using this watchface you should still continue to get the 3-5 day battery life from your watch unlike other 'pseudo-watchface apps' which chew through your battery.
    Installation instructions:
    1. Download app via Google Play
    2. Click the 'SmartWatch 2' notification in the notifications bar to open the SmartWatch 2 configuration app
    3. Click 'Edit watch faces' button
    4. Create a new watchface or edit an existing one
    5. Click 'Clocks'
    6. Choose the new watchface from the list of watchfaces
    7. Enjoy!

    Further detailed instructions can be found on Sony's blog here:

    Please send me an email if you have troubles getting it to install and I'll do my best to help.
    It would be great if you could leave me a good rating if you like this watchface as it encourages me to create even more!

    Troubleshooting (watchface doesn't display or show up in the list of clocks after installing it from Google Play):
    1. Turn off your watch and turn it back on
    2. Turn off your phone and turn it back on
    3. Turn off bluetooth on your phone and turn it back on
    4. Create a new watchface template and see if you can add the new watchface.

    If this fails, you may need to take further steps. Continue to follow the steps below:
    5. Uninstall the Sony Smart Connect app
    6. Un-pair your SmartWatch with your phone
    7. Reinstall the Sony Smart Connect app
    8. Re-pair your SmartWatch with your phone
    9. Follow steps 1-4 again.

    Thanks goes to Naheel from XDA forums for providing the guide on how to make custom watchfaces.

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