Talon (Blur Launcher Page)




    If you are looking for "Talon for Twitter", the full client, please read this post for more information on its current situation:

    This app will not do you any good on its own. It IS NOT "Talon for Twitter". This app is an extension to allow you to use Talon as a Page on our "Blur - A Launcher Replacement" app.

    To use this page:
    1.) Purchase and install "Talon for Twitter"
    2.) Download "Blur - A Launcher Replacement"
    3.) Download this app (Talon - Blur Launcher Page)
    3.) After setting up "Blur", head to Settings -> Page Picker, then add Talon to one of the available pages
    4.) Return to your homescreen. After it is loaded, Talon will appear in the Page area to the left of your homescreen.

    The reason that this is a separate package and not part of Talon is because Android does not allow you to run outside code from a paid package. For this reason, any extensions for "Blur" will need to be packaged as free or apps with In-App purchases.

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