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Teachers planner PRO is a small app to help teachers plan and organize their working week. It works similarly to a conventional teachers planner.

I recvommend that you try the free version first; if you upgrade it will keep all settings, plans etc and 'unlock' various extra features.

Compared to the free version, the PRO version:
- Can save lesson plans and homeworks as a CSV data file, which can be loaded into Excel
- Can store up to ten to-do items per each lesson, as well as unlimited general to-do items
- Can store much larger lesson plans, homework descriptions, and to-do items
- Has no ads - more screen space freed-up
- Can move a lesson, once setup, to a different place in the timetable. All plans and homeworks are moved too.
- Can take a picture and store that alongside lesson plans (eg screenshot recap of where you got to in a lesson, or photo of homework set on the whiteboard?)
- Colour-coded timetabled lessons (can switch off if you prefer)
- Customize the look of the timetable - dark/light themes etc.

Key features of Teachers Planner PRO:
- Supports two-week timetables - It automatically moves from week A to week B and back. If you need to swap the current week, use the 'Flip' button on the timetable screen (bottom right)
- Setup, edit and view your weekly timetable
- For any lesson, enter a lesson plan and/or set homework
- For any lesson, jump easily to the next lesson or the previous lesson with that class
- Quickly see what homework(s) were set and are due this lesson, and set homework quickly in a lesson
- Enter lesson start- and end-times and teachers planner will automatically jump to the current lesson in your timetable as you teach
- Enter holidays and teachers planner will skip those weeks when searching for homework you set your classes
- You can set up recurring meetings in free lessons
- You can also enter notes for free lessons - to-do lists etc.
- You can have up to 12 lessons per day, any start-day of the week, and 3-7 school days per week. All configurable.
- Add, edit, prioritize to-do items easily.
- Add to-do items for individual lessons (one-week timetable only). These can be easily identified in the timetable with a small to-do icon. Never forget to mark books or print resources again ;-)
- Add notes for registration periods eg. tasks to do (still experimental, will be developed further)
- Store notes for break-times, lunchtimes, before- and after-school activities.

Teachers planner is designed to work on a phone or a tablet, in portrait mode - its compact and simple design makes it easy to see and edit lesson plans, see and set homework for classes, and manage a to-do list of lessons.

For support, top tips and news, follow @teachersplanner on twitter.

PERMISSIONS: Note the TP Pro uses the phone ID to identify the device uniquely, for licence checking. No other phone information is used or stored.

NOTE: If you are upgrading from the Free version, export settings first in the free version, then install the PRO version. It will see the settings and ask you if you would like to use them.

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