The Accent Box



*Lessons and exercises to help you acquire a new accent when speaking English
*All lessons custom-designed for native South Asian speakers
*Practical learning tips for the specific challenges you face
*Focus on the 1,000 most common English words making your learning more effective
*Perfect for professionals, students, new immigrants or anyone wishing to be better understood when speaking English

Hours of fun video content:
*More than 600 demonstration videos, 40 lessons and 3 hours of audio recordings
*Taught by an experienced university instructor with an informal style and easy to follow structure

• Covers all areas of a spoken ‘accent’ including pronunciation, syllable stress, rhythm and intonation
• All lessons custom-designed for South Asian speakers covering the specific challenges you face. These challenges include the mixing of the v/w sounds, the use of long vowels for many short vowel sounds, improper mouth position for the ‘th’ sound, the overuse of rising intonation, and many more.
Lessons feature text and audio recording allowing you to practice and improve your listening and comprehension skills
• On-screen mirror feature allows you to perfect your mouth position when speaking
• Recording feature allows you to record yourself then listen and review your progress
• All exercises focus on the most commonly used 1,000 English words ensuring that you can use your new skills in daily conversations
• Unlimited opportunity to practice all exercises
• Rich multimedia – text, voice, and video
• Ideal for beginners, intermediate and more advanced levels
• ‘1,000 Word Quiz’ features audio of the 1,000 most common English words
• Hands-free option – app can be used when travelling, exercising or anywhere
• It’s easy, fun and will improve your fluency and confidence when speaking English!

What our users say:
“This program has helped me feel more confident when speaking English.”
“My English test scores were high but I was never understood when speaking. This program has helped me tremendously.”
“I knew my Indian accent was keeping me from advancing at work and this program has helped me overcome this obstacle.”

If you have Busuu, Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Mindsnacks, Voxy, or other English learning products, you will want The Accent box to help you learn how to speak in English!

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