The Journey Church - Boise, ID



The Journey - "A Church for the Spiritually Curious" - located in Boise, ID welcomes you to check them out and join the family! You can find out more, including listening to past messages, watching video, and following current events at This app brings everything together in a simple application where you can watch the weekly message, visit us on FaceBook, fill out forms, or just catch up if you aren't able to attend in person.

In this app you will find the following.

1) Way to contribute online through secure servers
2) Ways to Connect

a) Links to The Journey's FaceBook page
b) The Journey's website
c) Direct contacts for the The Journey's Leadership Team
d) Page to submit requests for prayer for you or others you care about
e) An interactive map so you can find and visit us

3) Events - Keep track of what's going on for people of all ages, so you can jump in
4) Chat - Talk with some of the members of The Journey
5( Ask the pastor a question during service through instant text messages or chatting by selecting to contact Mike!!
6 ) Weekly messages - We bring you the weekly message in whatever format you want, whether you like mp3 for just audio, Youtube, or you'd rather watch the complete service in video format on Vimeo!
7) Online forms - Start with keeping up-to-date by selecting the Connect button to keep up on all the great things going on at The Journey. You can also rate the service every week, fill out current surveys, or join teams!

We hope that you enjoy this app and find great value in it! We will happily take any comments or suggestions that you have, so that we can continue to improve how we serve you! Just send those through the contact form to the Webmaster.

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