Do you ever dream about someone you haven’t seen or thought about for a long time? Do you wonder whose dreams you sometimes appear in?

    And if you dream of someone you love, like your sister or best friend, aren’t you curious about whether they have dreamt about you at the same time too?

    Dreaming takes on a whole new perspective with TheDreamRegister, with an emphasis on the WHO and WHEN of dreams, instead of the WHAT and WHY.

    TheDreamRegister enables you to share your dreams with others in a quick and easy manner. You can select one of the fun emoticons to provide a sense of the dream, without having to go into the detail of what it was about, or what it means. That way the app enables you to bring your non-conscious connections to life. Oh, and if you dream of someone and don’t want them to know, you can simply change the visibility of the dream to ‘private’ and keep it in your dream log for your own record.

    The app is simple, fun and free! Awesome features include:

    • Notifications when someone dreams of you
    • Additional notifications if you and someone else dream of one another at the same time
    • A ‘My Dreams’ log
    • A ‘Dreams I am in’ log
    • A Dreams Feed, to check out other dreamers, and who is dreaming of who
    • ‘Add dream’ – with over 50 emoticons to choose from
    • Visibility settings – options to make dreams private or viewable by friends only

    As you have fun using TheDreamRegister, you will also be making a worthy contribution to science. Behind the scenes, the dreams you log will be included in the world’s premier non-conscious connections database, which has been created to help us all understand how we humans are connected continually and universally.

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