Time Slip Simulator Lite



    PLEASE NOTE - The Time Slip Simulator is NOT A GAME. It is a coaching and training tool for drag racers. If you're are looking for a drag racing game this is NOT the app for you.

    The Time Slip Simulator is a revolutionary tool that replays your races in 3D just from the details on your time slip. Just like professional athletes do, you can now replay you races, analyze the results and improve your performance.

    Replays your races:

    - DYO, index and heads-up racing modes
    - 1320, 1000, and 660 foot race distances
    - 0.5 and 0.4 tree speeds
    - Full and pro tree modes
    - Multiple vehicle models

    Watch you race unfold from multiple camera angles:

    - Watch opponent
    - Top down
    - Driver’s eye-view
    - Head check / look over shoulder
    - TV mode

    Drive the top end like a champ. Review and analyze you runs, improve you performance and turn on more win lights with the Time Slip Simulator.

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