The tracking platform TK102 LIVE TRACKER provides Live-Tracking of your TK102 V6, TK102 V3, TK104, TK106, Coban GPS102 with GPRS on your mobile device!

Datatransmission is done with GPRS, so there are NO COSTS for SMS. You don´t have to do complicated copying of SMS-links to googlemap. No need for complicated configurations and transmissions of IP-addresses! This is all done fully automatical.
Your GPS-Tracker is visible LIVE in googlemaps (hybrid, normal, terrain, satellite) . You have all the well known finger-controls in googlemaps.

In Button "START" there runs a small clock which is reset by any received GPS-datapacket. So you can see immediately if the shown position is the real position.
Do you have a different GPS/GPRS-Tracker which is not in the list below? Let us know the GPRS-protocol and we will implement it in this app for you!

TK102 V6: from5 seconds to 999 seconds
TK102 V3: from 30 seconds to 999 seconds

All you have to do is to set the APN, name, password at the very first time. All other configurations is done by the LIVE-TRACKER V6: IP-address update from Android Device to Tracker, Tracking-Intervall etc.

You only need an Android Device with GPRS/3G-network (not WiFi)
Live-Tracking with GPRS on your mobile phone. Automatical IP-address-update.

For testing, if your GPS Tracker is configurated correctly and connects with your device, use the NETWORK DATA LOGGER (FREE APP!)

GPS-Tracker: XEXUN / INCUTEX TK102 V3, TK102 V6 (TK103,TK107,TK201,TK201-2) with GPRS-functionality.

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