Torch Flashlight brightest, Easy to use, smart light, fast to boot
Your Torch is sleek and essential.
Your smartphone camera flashlight LED like a real torch light brightest with true flashlight.
This app is for all smartphones, both with and without camera flash.
Your bright screen light and the camera flash of your smartphone will transform your smartphone into a fantastic flashlight torch.

You can choose the following options with the essential UI (one touch one function):
- Camera flashlight torch brightest. Use hardware camera flash light if supported
- Camera screen torch brightest. Use light of your screen display
- Camera flashing police screen. Use your screen display
- Screen light custom color. Slide finger on the screen and change your color
- Screen light strobe. Slide finger to change frequency

Simple Camera Torch remember your last choice and repeats it on every boot.
Simply the simple flashlight app on the Android marketplace.
Flashlight your life, download Torch Flashlight !!!

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