Tradies Friend



Paperwork has finally been made easy!

The System
Tradies Friend is an easy to use cost effective job management system designed to make your life easier by:
• eliminating hours of duplicated paperwork
• providing a system which is easy to follow and simple to use
• collating all job information and having it stored in one easily accessible file
• allowing for all this to be done on your smart phone or tablet device

Save Time
Tradies Friend will increase your productivity by:
• saving hours of time by having a write it once system
• no longer wasting hours searching for those "hand written" pieces of paper, wondering where they've been put
• quickly finding jobs, quotes and invoices through a cross reference ID system
• having a client data base enabling easy access to client information
• keeping all of your important data at readily available your fingertips while on site with your clients
• calculating your GST collected in an easy to access report
• Quote whilst on site and win more jobs
• Ability to invoice clients on site, get paid and thus eliminate chasing debtors

Save Money
Tradies Friend will improve your bottom line by:
• automatically costing each job, thus eliminating the guesswork of whether a job is profitable or not
• Ensuring all parts and materials are accounted for
• keeping employees accountable for their time through an electronic job card system
• ensuring variations for materials and labour are recorded and signed for, thus eliminating client disputes about additional costs.
• recording actual times against quoted times to improve quoting accuracy and/or measure staff efficiency
• Time is money, the more time you save the more money you can make