Từ điển Lạc Việt (Trung-Việt)




Dictionary: 3 dictionaries

Vietnamese - Chinese

Chinese - Vietnamese

Vietnamese dictionary

Common feature


- Normal translation with mobile keyboard.

- Cross-references: just one Click and you can see the meaning of the words in the Definition windows (English and Vietnamese), automatically recognizing the compound words.

- Double click on the word you want to find.

- Provide the related words or phrases.


- Click on the sound icon to hear every words, phrases and sentences in dictionary.

Learn vocabulary:

- Add vocabularies to Favorite to learn those anytime you want to.

- Save automatically to History the words that have searched before.

- Autolook tool help you to look up a word.

Interface: Easy to use

Chinese - Vietnamese Talk

- Improve your Speaking skill by learning with 80 Talks.

- Various topics: habit, travel, food, daily talk, animal…

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